• 12 stops
  • 2 hours
  • 3.1 km
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This excursion, which focuses primarily on the region of Kreuzberg, will acquaint you not only with a multitude of fascinating details illuminating the history of Berlin in the last 150 years, but will also show the city from some unusual angles. You will begin at the old American checkpoint and end at one of the three largest pre-war airports in Europe. Along the way we’ll find out what use Berliners have made for old army barracks, what remains of a hotel that was formerly one of the most luxurious in Europe, what kind of characters lived here 100 years ago, when Kreuzberg was one of the most fashionable districts of the city, and the part played by the district in Berlin’s long history of revolutionary activism. This tour can be of interest not only to those who have arrived in Berlin for the first time, but also for more seasoned travellers who want to broaden their knowledge of this great city.