The Flower Market

Located between the Munt and the Koningsplein along the Singel, one of the oldest Amsterdam canals, right where it connects to the Amstel river, the Bloemenmarkt has been in operation since 1862. The 15 spacious flower stalls are built out into the Singel where they float on the water in houseboat-like structures. This unique market is the only floating flower market in the world. In the old days the flowers, bulbs, seeds and plants for sale were delivered to the market by barges and boats. Flower trade has existed in the Netherlands since the 17th century and today the country is one of the leading flower producers and exporters worldwide. Nowadays, fresh flowers are delivered daily using vans, however the tradition of the floating market has remained. Whatever flower appeals to your fancy, chances are you will find it here. Merchandise ranges from the traditional Dutch tulips and geraniums to indoor cypresses among many other plants. In December the flower market is stocked with a massive amount of Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes. Along this stretch of the Singel you’ll also find a lot of souvenirs shops and cheese cellars. The merchants are very knowledgeable not only about the flowers, plants and seeds, but also about the customs regulations for other countries, including the CIS countries. Each packet requires a stamp on the packet that indicates it has been cleared through customs.